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Wind, Dust and Science

Panhandle Blasted by Another Dust Storm
AMARILLO -- For the third time in six weeks, Amarillo is hit by a dust storm.

        The dust started rolling in this morning and won't settle until later tonight.

        The strong winds and all the dirt caused myriad problems across the panhandle and at least one interesting science experiment.

        The third dust storm in six weeks is another product of the ongoing drought.

        "This is coming from southeast Colorado.  They're in a drought too..  Each time a cold front moves in it kicks up the dirt and the wind starts to blow."  said John Harris, KAMR NBC 4 / KCIT Fox 14 Chief Meteorologist.

        The combination of heavy dust and wind is a nuisance but it can also be dangerous.

        A truck hauling a travel trailer flipped on I-40 during the strong winds.

        At the Chase Tower downtown, you can hear the wind blowing through the building. 

        For the people inside, they also get a unique perspective of the wind because they're in a building that moves each time a strong gust hits it.

        Xcel Energy's Brian Fleming's office is on the 29th floor.  He set up a make-shift plumb bob.  That's a string attached to the ceiling with a weighted pendulum at the bottom.   It shows how much the building is swaying in the wind.

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