Trending Now: What Your Steakhouse Won't Tell You

Trending Now: What Your Steakhouse Won't Tell You

There are some things your favorite steakhouse doesn't want you to know.

First and foremost: sales are up.

According to Marketwatch, with growth comes worry that there may not be enough prime beef to serve. 

Most steakhouses serve USDA-graded prime and concern that more and more steakhouses opening takes away from the uniqueness of them. 

Also, don't be surprised if the cost of your meal goes up. 

The price of beef is up. So the cost of your steak may increase or some of those side dishes to make up the difference. 

Finally, you know all those menu options. They're not always a good thing, like ordering fish at a steakhouse. 

Some industry critics, and some in the industry, say that steakhouses should not step outside their speciality. 

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