Trending Now - Tweeting & Cheating

Trending Now - Tweeting & Cheating

There are many benefits to being engaged on social media sites, like staying connected to friends, meeting new ones or sharing stories but a new study suggests those in relationships may want to use caution when using sites like Twitter.

Can 140 characters ruin your relationship? One new study thinks so and says that tweeting may lead to infidelity and divorce.

The University of Missouri just released this study and it found, the more active you are on Twitter, the more Twitter-related conflict you may have with your partner in your relationship -- which, according to the study, can lead to negative relationship outcomes like cheating and separation.

And that trend was the same, regardless of length of your relationship too. couples who were in long-term relationships were just as vulnerable to this effect as those in new relationships.

The researchers say many factors are, of course to blame for damaging relationships

But since their research does show that being very active on Twitter can lead to conflict in some relationships, they recommend cutting back to a healthy, more moderate level of use.

Researchers admitted that many factors influence relationships of course - is there any push back or skepticism out there as far as how powerful of an effect twitter actually is?

Yes, the researchers asked the participants in the survey whether Twitter played a role in the breakup of their relationship.

Many, like the Washington Post, have pointed out that just because you answer yes to this sort of blanket question does not mean that it is a blanket answer and the reason for the couple's ultimate breakup. But of course it could be one of the factors.

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