TRENDING NOW - Pump Up The Bass To Feel Powerful

TRENDING NOW - Pump Up The Bass To Feel Powerful

What song gets your blood pumping? If you like to work out, you probably have a power playlist of favorite songs and now there is research showing certain music may truly make you feel more powerful.
From the "Rocky" theme to multiple hip hop anthems, we all have songs that get us moving and research now shows certain types of music work better than others and can actually affect our behavior.

Researchers at Northwestern University decided to take a closer look at the connection between music and a feeling of power.

75 undergraduates at the university were tested with 31 different musical selections. Genres included everything from heavy metal to punk rock to hip hop.

They found that music with high levels of bass made participants feel more dominant and powerful. In one test, participants were told they could win five-dollars if they predicted the number that would come up when a die was rolled.

The ones who listened to music with high levels of bass were more likely to want to roll the die themselves than others who listened to what researches deemed "less power inducing" selections.
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