TRENDING NOW - Obama's Immigration Push - What Now?

TRENDING NOW - Obama's Immigration Push - What Now?

President Obama announced Monday he's not waiting for Congress to pass immigration reform and said he is starting his own effort to fix it. This executive action comes as authorities struggle to deal with an influx of children crossing the border without parents. So just how is the President hoping to wield his executive power to tackle such a controversial issue?

The President says there's no hope for immigration legislation passing in congress this year. So he says he will move without them.

The White House says this will be a "new effort" to redirect additional resources to secure the border by executive action -- a move that has outraged Republican lawmakers who say the president is overstepping his authority.

So what will this actually look like and when?

The President has asked the Homeland Security Secretary and Attorney General to identify actions the White House can take within its existing legal authority.

The President also sent Congress a letter asking for additional money to deal with the influx of immigrants on the southern border.

An administration official says the money could go toward securing appropriate space for the children who have come over and also stopping the flow of immigrants - a cost that could exceed $2 billion dollars.

The administration official says the government wants to be able to identify and break up smuggling organizations and quickly return people to their home countries if they don't qualify for asylum.

The President will hear recommendations from his staff by the end of the summer and says he will act without delay. Speaker of the House John Boehner called this "sad and disappointing" that President Obama won't work with Congress on this issue.

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