Trending Now - March Madness In The Office

Trending Now - March Madness In The Office

There's no doubt that we all may be a little distracted at work these next few weeks. it is time for March Madness and as the tournament sweeps the nation, many of us will fill out our brackets and even make some friendly wagers with our co-workers.
You can throw productivity in the office out the door during this time because so many of us are engaged in competitive battles over brackets with our office mates.

A national survey by Career Builder says that one in five, or 19-percent, of office workers have participated in a March Madness office pool in the past and 11-percent of us say we plan to take part this year.

And according to the survey, it is our managers and team leaders who are the most likely to place bets in the office pool.

Entry-level and administrative workers are least likely.

Also people in the financial industry who are used to crunching numbers, lead the pack as the type of professionals who are most likely participating and that is followed by people in sales and IT rounding out the top three.

And, perhaps no surprise, men are twice as likely as women to say they are going to join in March Madness in the office.

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