TRENDING NOW - Kids Chipping In More For College

TRENDING NOW - Kids Chipping In More For College

With the cost of college soaring, many parents are finding it harder and harder to pay for their child's college education and now a new survey says that parents want their kids to chip in.
According to a Fidelity Investments report, parents on average want their kids to pay for about one third of their college education through savings, working part time jobs and also taking out student loans.

As for what parents are planning to do -- this year on average, they plan to pay for about 64-percent of the total costs. That number is up from 57-percent in 2012.

So how can you save for college and work together as a family? Experts say to create a road map and have a plan in place. It will make you feel more on track.

Also use a dedicated college savings fund.

And turn to advisors for help. They come in all forms -- financial, school counselors, and college counselors. Chances are you'll feel less overwhelmed if there is a team in place.

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