Trending Now - For Love Or Money? Moving In Can Save $$

Trending Now - For Love Or Money? Moving In Can Save $$

Love is in the air this Valentine's Day week and if you are looking to take your relationship to the next level perhaps thinking about moving in with your sweetheart.
It may not be the most romantic thought but it is practical.  Moving in with your love may be a good financial move.

Shacking up with your significant other before marriage could save you lots of money.

The real estate website Trulia looked at the trade-offs in cost and they found that if both of you trade in your 1-bedroom apartments and opt instead for a 2-bedroom apartment together; no, surprise here, it will save you.

Nationally a 2-bedroom apartment costs 30% more but you two will still see 35-percent savings in rent together.  This of course varies state by state, so let's look at where living together makes the most sense:
The biggest discount you'll get by moving in together is in Sacramento, California where a 2-bedroom gives you a 40-percent decrease in rent.  That's compared to two 1-bedroom apartments.
Followed by:
Riverside San Bernardino, California at a 39-percent decrease
Las Vegas, Nevada also at 39-percent.
Baltimore, Maryland with a 38-percent decrease.
And San Diego in the fifth spot with a 38-percent decrease as well.

And the decrease is the smallest in New York and Dallas, Texas where the savings is only 30-percent.
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