Trending Now - Employees Not Taking Vacation Time?

Trending Now - Employees Not Taking Vacation Time?

It's the most wonderful time of year -- vacation! But it turns out that more of us are having a harder time disconnecting and pulling ourselves away from the office than we might think. So just how is the U.S. worker using or not using their vacation time.

Ah, vacation. we look forward to it all year but sadly -- a lot of us are leaving those hard earned vacation days on the table.

In an employment confidence survey survey released this month, the career website, Glassdoor found that the average American employee uses only 51 percent of their vacation days.

Even worse -- when people actually take time off, they don't really disconnect from work. Instead of fully enjoying their time out of the office -- three in five people admit to doing some work while on vacation. Even those who tried to leave their work at the office -- 24-percent of people said they were contacted by a co-worker about a work matter while they were on vacation, making it hard to disconnect.

And the group at the bottom of the list? 15 percent of employees who earn paid time off -- said they don't take any vacation days whatsoever.

So why aren't we using some or all of our paid time off?

According to the survey, some of the reasons include:

33-percent said that no one else can do the work.

28-percent fear getting behind.

19-percent say they are trying to get a promotion.

and 17-percent say they are afraid of losing their job.

There is one ray of light to Glassdoor's survey -- a quarter of employees -- 25 percent-- are taking 100 percent of their time off. Perhaps an example we can better try to follow this year?

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