TRENDING NOW - Does Your City Stress You Out Or Keep You Cool?

TRENDING NOW - Does Your City Stress You Out Or Keep You Cool?

It is not really a surprise that it can take a lot of effort to live in a big city but some cities are better than others when it comes to causing daily stress and there's a brand new list of the most stressful -- and the most relaxing -- big cities in the country.

City living is not for the faint of heart. It's expensive, there's usually a lot of traffic, and it can all be stressful but a new report says that some cities are more manageable than others.

CNNMoney put together a list of the top 55 most stressed out cities across the country.

Coming in at the top spot and probably no surprise is New York City. CNNMoney cites the major stress factors as long commutes, long work hours and a high cost of living. on the bright side they say the zen factor is a lower crime rate.

In the second spot, Detroit, Michigan, with high crime and unemployment but the zen factor -- shorter commutes and work hours.

Taking the third spot is Los Angeles, California. The major stresses are heavy traffic and a high cost of living but on the flip side, people have healthy lifestyles and shorter work hours.

and rounding out the top five most stressed out cities is Riverside/San Bernardino, California, and Houston, Texas.

Where do you think Amarillo should rank?

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