TRENDING NOW: Calling The Cable Guy

TRENDING NOW: Calling The Cable Guy

Most people dread calling the cable company, whether you want to change or cancel your service, it's rarely a walk in the park. Experts have some tips on getting what you want when you call the cable guy.
No one likes to call their cable company-- why does it always bring on frustration? Well it doesn't have to be this way.

The experts at Consumer Reports have some tips and they're all about persistence.

First and foremost -- ask for a better deal. Say you're a loyal customer but your bill is just too high. See if you qualify for any new promotions if yours has expired including their best deal for new customers.

Next, check out the competition. Come empowered with these rates and ask your company to match them.

And threaten to disconnect. You'll be transfered to a customer service retention rep; their mission is to hang on to customers so may have more ability to wheel and deal. But be ready to walk if you dont get what you want.

Finally their parting advice: Be polite, be firm and keep good records.

And all of this sounds simple but we all aren't doing it. Out of 21,000 polled by Consumer Reports only one in three of us had negotiated with our provider. So pick up the phone and good luck if you've been putting off the call.

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