TRENDING NOW - Best Ways To Kill Time At The Airport

TRENDING NOW - Best Ways To Kill Time At The Airport

It's summer and the good news is that means it's vacation season but the bad news -- if you're traveling by plane you will probably have to deal with one of those dreaded delays somewhere along your journey. So we have some tips on how to kill time if you end up stuck at the airport.
Eighteen percent of flights last year were delayed -- so you'd better be prepared to make the most of your extra time in the airport by getting a little creative.

CNN Business Traveler looked at the best ways to kill time at the airport.

Some readers recommended making a game of your unfortunate delay.

Others said the time flies when you become a fly on the wall -- people watching can help you pass the time.

And if your delay or layover is particularly long, you can fork over some money and hit the lounge. Some lounges will even make you wish you had a longer delay.

You can also use that down time to enhance your vacation by downloading a weather app for your destination, or by doing some extra research on a travel app, like the lonely planet guide for your destination city. This way you'll be even more organized and can hit the ground running when you finally arrive.

Hopefully you won't need any of these tips and your summer travel goes smoothly but in case things go awry, you'll be ready!
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