TRENDING NOW - Best And Worst States For Teen Drivers

TRENDING NOW - Best And Worst States For Teen Drivers

Summertime is a popular time for road trips but it is also high season for new drivers to take the wheel. Teens tend to use the school break to get their drivers licenses and there's a new list out that ranks the best and worst states for teen drivers.

The study was done by WalletHub and they compared driving conditions for teens in all 50 states.

The website used 16 key data points, including the number of teen drivers on the road in each state, teen driver fatality rates, and "under the influence" citations issued to teen drivers.

An average of 260 teens each month during the summer are killed on the road and Wallethub is hoping parents will examine the data in their state.

Among the best states for teen drivers are New York, Hawaii and Illinois. At the bottom of the list are Nebraska, Mississippi and South Dakota.

The state of  Texas ranks 19, New Mexico ranks 18, and Oklahoma ranks 47.

Wallethub also used financial data in their calculations including which states have the most and least affordable car repair rates.

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