The Discovery Center Presents Explode! Tonight

The Discovery Center Presents Explode! Tonight

A Star-Spangled Celebration of Science
Discovery Center Map
Discovery Center Map

AMARILLO -- The Don Harrington Discovery Center is hosting Explode! Tonight from 6 to 10 p.m.

Get ready for amazing combustions and explosions every half-hour, and patriotic crafts and activities for all ages.

Admission is free for veterans and active military members.

$5 tickets will be on sale at the door the evening of July 3rd, and purchasers will receive a wristband to enjoy all of the activities inside and outside the Discovery Center.

Here’s an overview of all the great things attendees will enjoy at Explode!:

  • Patriotic Crafts and Activities (Inside and outside the Discovery Center)

  • Dunk Donnie - Take a turn dunking the Discovery Centers new mascot in the dunk tank.

  • Color Explosions - Vinegar and tempera paint in a paper bag make for a colorful burst of fun.

  • Water Rockets - Guests will launch mega squirt guns made with water bottles.

  • Pop Rock Balloons - Blow up a balloon using Pop Rocks.

  • Miss American Pie - Make a festive fizz in a pie plate with oil and colored vinegar.

  • Water Gun Challenge - Race your friends using wet ammo compliments of Watermill Express.

  • Patriotic Art - Presented by Dandelion Studio of Art and Music

  • Combustion, Launches and Explosions Every Half Hour (Outside the Discovery Center)

  • Mentos and Soda Geyers - A fountain of red, white and blue fun is a feast for the eyes!

  • Nitrogen Canon - Who knows what this crazy canons will launch?

  • Trashcan Chaos - Balls, Balls, and more balls flying into the air via a chemical reaction.

  • Baby Elephant Toothpaste - A kid-friendly foamy good time using yeast to fuel the foam.

  • Extreme Elephant Toothpaste - Enormous foam geyser shooting in the air by the DHDC staff.

  • Catapult Paint Mural - Take a shot at a canvas sheet by launching paint-filled balloons via catapult!

In case of bad weather, all activities will move inside the Discovery Center except Color Explosions, Water Gun Challenge, and Catapult Paint Mural. 

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