Sandusky Report to be Released

Sandusky Report to be Released

Attorney General's investigation looks into possible political delays in arrest and prosecution of former Penn State assistant coach and convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky.
(NBC News)  A highly anticipated report investigating how police and prosecutors handled the case leading up to the arrest and conviction of child sex abuser Jerry Sandusky will be released today.

Pennsylvania's Attorney General plans to release a comprehensive account of the child molestation investigation.

During her campaign for attorney general in 2012 Kathleen Kane had vowed to review the case, repeatedly questioning why it took three years for charges to be filed against Sandusky.

Early last year Kane appointed a former federal prosecutor to lead the investigation of Governor Tom Corbett's handling of the case while he was attorney general.

She argued that her predecessors took too long and wasted time while a suspected sexual abuser remained free.

Governor Corbett has cited the successful prosecution of Sandusky as proof the state investigation was effective and has strongly denied that he didn't want the investigation to become public while he was campaigning for governor.

Sandusky's eventual arrest came in November 2011, a year after Corbett became governor.
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