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Rock Your New Year's Resolution

Step Up N Scale Down - Mondays - 6 p.m. - 3301 East 10th - Free
Check your calendars. It's February 18th and that means you're well into 2014. Have you already forgotten about your resolution? Llizabeth Gresham, extension agent of Potter County-Prairie View Cooperative extension is leading a fun program to help you get back on track.  

- Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables (power greens)
- They're easy and fun to incorporate into a green shake or fruit smoothie
- The new year came with lots of diet resolutions, but the importance is making a lifestyle change not a diet.

Step Up N Scale Down
- Mondays 
- 6 p.m.
- 3301 East 10th
- Free

Classes will run weekly till March 31st ending with a cooking class celebration. There are hands on cooking and tasting planned as well as grocery tours and demos. The classes are always a fun time to gather, share and learn.
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