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Pacemaker Clinical Trial Begins in Amarillo

Trial Meant to Evaluate Safety and Effectiveness of Pacing System with New Full-body ProMRI® Technology
AMARILLO -- Cardiology Center of Amarillo along with PharmaTex Research announced the beginning of a new clinical trial to test the safety and effectiveness of new pacemaker technology to withstand the negative forces of MRI technology when compared to traditional pacemakers.  

The completed Phase A of the trial evaluated the safety of BIOTRONIKs current pacemaker systems during magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans excluding chest and thorax scan areas. Now Phase B of the trial will evaluate the same pacemaker system during MRI scans without exclusion zones.

Several million patients are currently implanted with pacemaker systems worldwide, and recent studies estimate that a sizeable portion of them will develop a clinical need for a MRI scan during their lifetimes. 
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