Oklahoma Jail Escapes

Oklahoma Jail Escapes

Caddo Couty
CADDO COUNTY, OKLAHOMA -- The search continues for four inmates who escaped from a jail in Oklahoma.

Dylan Ray Three Irons, Prime Touwin Brown, Anthony James Mendonca, and Triston Cheadle escaped early Sunday morning.

This animation shows how Caddo County officials think the men made their escape.

The inmates were in the shower area of their cell. They climbed up through a trap door above the shower head into a small area that houses the plumbing pipes. From there they were able to work their way about 30 feet through the plumbing crawl space and break through a concrete wall into a utility room that led out of the jail.

The men had been convicted separately of various crimes including burglary, carrying a concealed weapon, and drug charges.

The sheriff says the men should be considered dangerous and possibly armed.

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