Obama Outhouse Causes Controversy

Obama Outhouse Causes Controversy

Nebraska man says he’s not a racist after 4th of July parade float sparks backlash.
(KTIV)  Attendees of Norfolk, Nebraska's Fourth of July Parade would say one float stood out in particular last weekend. 

A mannequin on the side of an outhouse read "Obama Presidential Library" was believed to portray President Obama. 

The creator of the float, rural Norfolk resident and veteran H. Dale Remmich, said he's sorry for the misconception.

"It's me. I've got on my bibs. Yes, I've got my walker. I'm turning green and some say I look like a zombie. But I am not a hate-monger and I'm not a racist," Remmich says.

Remmich said he did not mean any disrespect for the presidency. He also said one of the reasons that contributed to the making of the float is the ongoing issues of the Veteran's Affairs administration.
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