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Local Bars Install Breathalyzers

Gives customers chance to check sobriety before driving
AMARILLO -- Bars and restaurants have a new tool to help patrons determine if they've had too much to drink.

        Breathalyzers have been placed in several area establishments.

        It costs $2 and works like a police breathalyzer.  You blow into the machine through a clean straw and it determines your blood alcohol content (BAC).

        The Amarillo man, Dave Melton, providing the machines do so free of charge to the bars and restaurants and even gives 25% of the money made from each test to the owner.

        Melton has installed dozens of breathalyzers in establishments across the state.  He hopes state lawmakers will make them mandatory in bars and restaurants statewide.

        Melton's company is called texansdrinksmart.com
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