ID Thieves Target the Dead

ID Thieves Target the Dead

Identity theft of the deceased is on the increase. Thieves are using newspaper’s obituary pages to get all the information they need.
(WBBH)  For family members, it's a time to mourn a loss. For criminals, it's a chance to gain.

"It's disgusting. It's a violation of your being," said Diana Butler, Fort Myers.

Every year, criminals steal the identity of 2.5 million dead Americans. It breaks down to almost 140 deceased people's identities stolen per state, per day.

"That surprises me. I didn't know it was that rapid," said Lisa Parker, Fort Myers.

Florida is the number one state in the country for identity theft.

"Even when you're alive, you have to start all over-. It's just sad to see that you worked your whole life to become something, and

somebody come and take your identity and you have to start over," said Cora Gorillo, Fort Myers.
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