High Flying Science

High Flying Science

Hard work and perseverance pays off for three Arizona middle school students. Their science project will be headed to the International Space Station.
(KPNX) It's an out of this world goal that is driving a team of Arizona 7th graders.

The three young scientists, Asa Avelar, Dylan Wachowski and Ethan Willis, will have an experiment aboard a rocket headed to the International Space Station.

It's one of only fifteen experiments selected from around the country.

Their experiment is simple.

They want to know how onion cells replicate in space and if onion seeds will grow in zero gravity.

"If this little onion can grow, because it has a bunch of little cells that replicated then we know we can grow food on space," said Willis.

Growing food in space could mean longer space flights, maybe to Mars.

It's all part of a contest by the National Center for Earth and Space Sciences.

The team is still trying to raise eight thousand dollars to attend the launch in Virginia in May and then to present their findings at a conference in Washington DC in July.
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