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Graphics Operator

1. Build graphics for newscasts on KAMR/KCIT 2. Fill in for / operate camera or audio as needed 3. Other duties as assigned

Entry Level:                                                    Experience Preferred


Job Title:                                                         Graphics Operator


Station Name & Mailing Address:                 KAMR/Amarillo


Position reports to title:                                   Operations Manager


If interested, mail or email resume to:            dan.morgan@kamr.com


Work hours schedule:                                     Evenings/Weekends 2p-11p

Full Time:                                                        Yes

Exempt (not eligible for over time):

Non-exempt (eligible for over time):              Yes


Part time __ and Number hours per week ___


Brief description of duties & responsibilities:

1.  Build graphics for newscasts on KAMR/KCIT

2.  Fill in for / operate camera or audio as needed

3.  Other duties as assigned






Work experience and education required for position:

1.  Previous television experience preferred

2.  RTV course work will be considered

3.  Photoshop experience preferred




Special Skills Required:

1.  Good communication skills, well organized

2.  Computer literate

3.  Must be able to type and spell accurately!



Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer



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