Fur Flies in Mayoral Race

Fur Flies in Mayoral Race

Eleven candidates, all animals, are on the mayoral ballot in Divide, Colorado.
(KUSA)  An election will be held in the tiny Teller County town of Divide on Tuesday to elect a new mayor. This year there are eleven candidates running and each of them truly 'gives a crap' about their community.

At least, that's what the slogan for this year's election is: 'Candidates who really give a crap'.

It makes perfect sense, seeing as how each candidate is an animal.

"Most of them say, 'Are you kidding?' And we say, 'No. We're not kidding'," joked Janet Smith, a town resident.

Some of the candidates are dogs, others are cats. There's a wolf running - even a hedgehog.

"Anyone of them would be a good mayor," said Marti Benson, a local veterinarian.

The election is actually a fundraiser, being held by the Teller County Regional Animal Shelter; it's the only no-kill shelter in Teller County.

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