Family Dog Protects Missing Child

Family Dog Protects Missing Child

A three-year-old boy is home safe after a seven hour search and a happy ending. When rescuers had nearly given up, the family pet held on.
(KVLY) Carson Urness and his golden retriever/german shepherd mix went missing from the Cooperstown, North Dakota family farm around 7:30 Monday night. 

Between a three-year-old boy and a three-year-old dog, Carson's mom, Courtney, rarely hears silence on the farm. 

But, it was a silence so awful she had to call for help.

Courtney says about 200 people showed up from surrounding areas more than 20 miles away to help with the search for Carson and Cooper, the dog.

"ATVs, horses, and more footwalkers showed up," Sheriff Robert Hook said of the volunteers from nearby law enforcement. 

"Even the neighbors, business owners and bankers. They just came out and thought they needed to help."

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