Does It Work? Ice Cream Magic

Does It Work? Ice Cream Magic

If your favorite dessert of choice is ice cream, then we've got a new one for you.
The Ice Cream Magic is a personal ice cream maker, and says it will make ice cream in three minutes.

The directions suggest that you mix all of the ice cream ingredients separately, then add to the freezing bowl.

The freezing bowl is small-- about one serving of ice cream.

Turns out the mixture wasn't quite frozen-- so I tried again, and again.

But still, no ice cream.

We gave it one more run this time with chocolate syrup.

About four minutes later, still no ice cream.

But this little cup sure does make a good milkshake.

It tasted more like whipped cream that actual ice cream. 

The Ice Cream Magic can be purchased at Walgreeens for $9.99.
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