Dead Man Ticketed

Dead Man Ticketed

New Mexico woman fighting thousands in traffic tickets her son racked up prior to his death.
(KOB)   An Albuquerque, New Mexico mother is fighting several unpaid traffic tickets that have opened old emotional wounds.

Marcella Baca and her husband, David Crosby, received notifications in the mail that Baca owed more than $500 on unpaid red light tickets from 2008 and 2009.

A truck that belongs to Baca ran several red lights during the years Redflex operated red light cameras in Albuquerque, but there's no picture proof of who was behind the wheel.

Baca said she's never driven the vehicle; she bought it for her son so he could drive himself to his cancer treatments.

30-year-old Charles Baca died in 2012.

"He died here at home," she said.

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