Daily Ag Forecast

Daily Ag Forecast

Good Thursday morning. Here's your Daily Ag Forecast.
Good Thursday morning folks. We are continuing to deal with a few showers and thunderstorms left over from yesterday's round of severe weather. The main threat for this morning is flooding from rain that has been sitting over certain areas. Please drive around flooded roads to get to where you're going. Storms will clear out later on this morning and temperatures will rise under humid conditions. We'll top out in the upper 70s and lower 80s again today, with the next round of thunderstorms and heavy showers coming through in the afternoon. Again, large hail and strong straight-line winds will be the main threats along with flooding but we can't rule out a tornado or two.

Tonight's rain should move out before tomorrow morning, but Friday afternoon is fair game for more thunderstorms with severe weather possible.

On Saturday, a cold front moves the morning rain out, leaving us with an unseasonably cool and calm rest of the day.

Hotter weather returns next week.

Stay on your guard for severe weather, and have a good day.

Meteorologist Chris Martin

Average High: 83
Average Low: 56
Year-to-Date Precipitation: 14.52"

Soil Temperatures:
2": 64
6": 65

Relative Humidity:
AM: 86%
PM: 45%        

Drying Potential: High

Pan Evaporation: 0.23"
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