Daily Ag Forecast

Daily Ag Forecast

Good Friday morning folks. Here's your Daily Ag Forecast.
Hello folks and Happy Halloween! We're back to colder conditions this morning, with a few locations in our northern counties getting down to freezing.  The jackets and sweaters will be necessary heading out today, and keep them handy because highs will only get to the 50s and 60s. 

Tonight, as the little Trick-or-Treaters are heading out, those jackets will come in handy, or at least an extra layer or two underneath the costumes. We'll cool down to the 50s around 7pm and 40s by 9.

We'll get another round of cooler-than-normal conditions on Saturday, with stronger winds from the south. 

After we've set our clocks back an hour Saturday night, we can expect a few isolated thunderstorms in the area Sunday afternoon, while the winds stay high, and we heat up to the mid 70s and lower 80s.

Showers and storms continue into Monday and Tuesday, with days in the 50s for Tuesday afternoon.

Sunny weather returns by the middle of  next week.

Have a great Halloween and stay warm!

Meteorologist Chris Martin

Climate Data:
Average High: 67
Average Low: 39
Year-to-Date Precipitation: 18.93"

Soil Temperatures:
2": 49
6": 54

Relative Humidity:
AM: 72%
PM: 27%

Drying Potential: Moderate

Pan Evaporation: 0.17"
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