Daily Ag Forecast

Daily Ag Forecast

Good Monday morning folks. Here's your Daily Ag Forecast.

Good Monday Morning, Folks! Thanks for starting your week at myhighplains.com.

After a chilly start, temps this afternoon will be back in the middle 70s...but we could see some scattered showers and thunderstorms across the panhandle this afternoon. Be sure to grab your rain jacket or umbrella out the door this morning.

Tropical moisture will continue to stream across the panhandle on Tuesday and Wednesday, extending our rain chances for those two days as well. Then the rain moves out for the second half of the work week, leaving us with mostly sunny, breezy, and warm days.

Enjoy your Monday!

Meteorologist Corey Simma

Climate Data:
Average High: 71
Average Low: 43
Year-to-Date Precipitation: 18.38"

Soil Temperatures:
2": 56
6": 60

Relative Humidity:
AM: 91%
PM: 44%

Drying Potential: High

Pan Evaporation: 0.22"

Livestock Safety Index: 72
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