Commercial Editor

Commercial Editor

Monday-Friday 830a-530p If interested, mail or email resume to:
Entry-level:  No

Job Title:   Commercial Editor

Station Name & Mailing Address:   KAMR-TV 1015 S. Fillmore  Amarillo, TX  79101
Position reports to title: Operations Manager
If interested, mail or email resume to:

Work hours schedule: Monday-Friday 830a-530p
Full Time: Yes
Exempt (not eligible for over time): No
Non-exempt (eligible for over time): Yes
Part time __ and Number hours per week __

Brief description of duties & responsibilities:
1.  Edit commercials for three network affiliates
2.  Edit special presentation videos
3.  Assist with station special projects
4.  Act as liaison between clients and sales department
5.  Download spots for transfer to the on-air server

Work experience and education required for position:
1.  Previous non-linear editing experience required
2.  Previous work in a creative team preferred
3.  Ability to shoot video, light scenes and direct helpful
4.  Commercial writing basics preferred

Special Skills Required:
1.  Non-linear required editing, Adobe Premiere knowledge preferred
2.  Basic After Effects knowledge needed
3.  Illustrator knowledge very helpful
4.  Broadcast operations knowledge a plus

Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer
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