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Chonicling A Vanishing Neighborhood

Seattle hip hop artist mourns gentrification of historic African-American neighborhood in song.
(KING)  It's easy to see facts and figures charting Seattle, Washington's real estate boom as a positive sign for the city's economy.  But if you ask hip-hop artist Draze, it merely charts the demise of his neighborhood, the Central District.

'When I look at this place, I think it's changing," he said Tuesday, "In some regards, it's over.  It's dead."

Draze recently released a music video called "The Hood Ain't The Same" (http://bit.ly/RX5Odv) about gentrification in the Central District and the end of Seattle's African-American neighborhood.
"We have a responsibility to preserve it if we really want diversity," explained Draze outside a long-abandoned African-American owned business, "We're into diversity.  We like the concept.  But what is diversity if I don't exist."

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