Chairs for Charlie

Chairs for Charlie

A Houston man knows he is loved by his neighbors when after his leukemia diagnosis about a dozen of them put chairs in front of their homes so he can rest during walks.
(KPRC) In the 800 block of Azalea in Houston, Texas, you'll often spot two Yorkies, a cat and a neighbor who everyone seems to know. 

"He's a pretty laid back guy, very friendly," Mark Klein said.

"From day one he has been an amazing neighbor and he is an amazing neighbor," Tina Sabuco said.

Charlie George moved into the neighborhood more than a decade ago. He often strolls the street with his two dogs and cat.

"I try to walk the dogs every morning and every evening," Charlie said.

But lately his neighbors have noticed he is having a hard time during his walks, a set back due to leukemia. Charlie was diagnosed three years ago.

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