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Browns Mocked in Viral Video

Groups of Brown's fans compose 'Les Miserables' Parody.
(WKYC)One loyal group of fans, who make up the Laughter League in Cleveland, filmed a parody of the Les Mis?rables song One Day More. 

The humorous video, named One Year More, was posted on YouTube over the weekend.

Actors in the video sing, take a shot at the hated ex-Bronco quarterback John Elway, and gulp beer.

Joe Kenderes, who wrote the parody, is portrayed as a Browns fan who has moved to Green Bay Packers territory -- something that he knows a lot about, since he recently relocated to southern Wisconsin.

So far, the video had some 21,0000 views and was gaining momentum.

"We thought it would just be [viewed] by our family and friends," Kenderes said.

The theater group, which holds shows at Cleveland's Blank Canvas Theatre, performed the parody during a show in the spring, shortly after the movie Les Mis?rables won three Oscars.
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