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Bride Survives Trial By Fire

Bride-to-be and her best friend injured leaping from burning apartment, still pull off perfect wedding.
(KUSA)  Lenise Ruff thought for a moment her wedding on Saturday might not happen. The bride-to-be and her bridesmaid, Marilyn Kruc, were forced to jump out of a third floor window after their apartment complex went up in flames early Monday morning.

Despite breaking two vertebrae and spending the last five days in the hospital, Kruc told her friend she was determined to be there to see her best friend walk down the aisle.

In Kruc's absence, Ruff spent Saturday afternoon with her mother and closest friends, while they helped her prepare for her wedding ceremony. Her mother carefully laced up her beautiful wedding gown as her other bridesmaids delicately placed her pearl necklace around her neck and made sure every hair was perfectly in place.

"This day is something I've always looked forward to, but I'm just happy I'm here," Ruff said.
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