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20th Year for the Amarillo EnterPrize Challenge

The Amarillo EnterPrize Challenge kicks off the 20th year of investment opportunity for local businesses, with a share of $500,000!

AMARILLO -- The Amarillo EnterPrize Challenge is officially underway with 4 orientation workshops scheduled for August & September.

The Amarillo EnterPrize Challenge is a business plan competition facilitated by the WT Enterprise Center and funded by the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation.

It is designed to assist entrepreneurs in launching a new business or expanding an existing business.

Qualifying entrants can request a share of $500,000 in capital funding and have the opportunity to join the WT Enterprise Center business incubation program.   

"The EnterPrize Challenge encourages you to look at your business and evaluate a plan for the future." -Ted Billingsley, owner of Innovative Fueling Solutions and 2014 AEC Recipient. 

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