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Cupcake Wars Champ Opens Shop in Amarillo

A cupcake wars champ is cooking up desserts in downtown Amarillo.
A cupcake wars champ is cooking up desserts in downtown Amarillo.

"We won our episode and the goal is to maybe go back and try again," Costa said. 

Her big win was back in 2012, in season seven, episode two.  At that point, Costa owned a shop in North Carolina. After the win, she got an even bigger surpirse. Costa and her family left behind their home and her shop, to take on Texas. 

"My husband's military and we were in North Carolina for nine years, which is sort of unheard of, and he had the opportunity to go recruiting. So we really wanted to go to Fort Worth, which is where I'm from originally, however, this is where we ended up, and it's a really cool little spot," Costa said. 

Costa opened up her cool little shop in December of 2013.

She says it was a big step, but they already have quite the following.

"We have people from all around this neighborhood especially, that come down from the Chase Tower, come from the law firms, the barbers love us...I mean we have a lot of people that we see sometimes every day," Nikki Mulherin, who helps at the shop said.

Hilary Wilcox is one of those customers. She says she makes a weekly stop in for cupcakes.

"We watch 'Cupcake Wars' at home, so we had to come check it out. They're awesome. I can't say enough good about them. They, we try the different flavors, and we haven't ever had a bad cupcake," Wilcox said.

Her favorite? Tha maple bacon. 

For Costa, it's been pretty sweet. A cupcake champ, bringing desserts to downtown.

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