Colorado Floods: Bird's Eye View

Colorado Floods: Bird's Eye View

Paragliders capture amazing images of flood damage in Colorado.
(KUSA)  Paramotor pilot Nathan Finneman recently got a bird's-eye view of the massive damage caused by Colorado's recent flooding.

"I've never seen something like that before see whole neighborhoods in one section and they're completely gone me I was speechless the whole flight to see that area where there was beautiful houses and others just one giant flood area," said Finneman.

Paramotoring, also known as powered paragliding, is a paraglider wing with an engine on the back that creates thrust to propel a person forward.

"The biggest eye-opener was the fact that we go flying in that area because there's an airport near it and a week before it was perfectly clean ...the roads looked great," he added.  "The day that we flew one section of the flood was a quarter-mile wide and there's a guy right in the middle of the section in an inner-tube just floating down the flood section. He was just paddling away."

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