College "Exit Exams" on the Horizon?

College "Exit Exams" on the Horizon?

New test measures critical thinking and analytic skills employers say they are looking for.
(NBC News)  Graduating college students may soon have a new tool to showcase their abilities to potential employers.

The college exit test known as the "CLA Plus" evaluates the skills many employers say they care most.

The exam measures a student's critical thinking and analytical skills through a part essay part multiple choice assessment.

Hart Research Associates recently surveyed more than 300 hundred employers who hire graduates 
and 93 percent said those skills are more important than what a student majored in.

Still, career coach Joan Sherman doubts employers will give the test much consideration.

"I don't think taking an assessment would help you find a job," she says.  "The really important thing is for you to give a succinct pitch about who you are what you want to do."

Universities have been using a similar test for years to internally evaluate their programs.

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