Clovis ISD is Put on Lockdown

Clovis ISD is Put on Lockdown

A dangerous threat is made at a business in Clovis, and authorities took action.
All students at Clovis ISD schools are placed on lock down

Clovis Police Department says the threat was made in a social security office in Clovis around noon, mountain time.

Captain Patrick Whitney says, "they said a man came in and he had been denied some benefits and he was upset, and then he had made some comment that he was so stressed out that he would take a gun to a school and shoot kids because he was so stressed out."

Whitney says as soon as they heard about the threat, they took action.

He says they called each of the schools to warn them.

Whitney tells us, "once dispatch relayed that to our supervisors and our officers we went and checked all the local schools, we sent officers to all of them to make sure everything was okay.
Whitney says it was the schools decision to go on lockdown, and school officials say they notified the students and teachers and that everyone remained calm and classes continued.

The deputy superintendent says the kids were prepared because of lockdown drills and practice situations.

Law enforcement tracked down the suspect around 1:00 p.m. and took him into custody for questioning. 

Captain Whitney says it's possible it may have only been a threat, but better safe than sorry.

"You see something say something and that is something that we do want people to remember.  If somebody says something or you see something that's out of the ordinary it could be a threat and let us know."

Captain Whitney says the suspect was taken to the hospital in Clovis to be evaluated on his mental status.

He says if no one wants to press charges, then no charges will be filed on the suspect.

If you'll remember back in November 2013, Clovis High School was placed on lockdown after a bomb threat.

Law enforcement believes the threat was just a prank.
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