City Releases Negotiations with Emaar

City Releases Negotiations with Emaar

Emails show there was not a lot of negotiating
AMARILLO -- The city of Amarillo was threatened with legal action over its now abandoned logo.

    As we first reported Tuesday, the city no longer plans to use the controversial logo.

    Today, we have a better idea of how the negotiations went.  Turns out, there wasn't a lot of negotiating.

    Emaar Properties ordered the city to stop using the logo ten days ago and the city did just that.

    It's interesting to note, while the city contends the logo in question is an original, Emaar properties in no way sees it that way.

    Here's what one of their emails to the city states, in part:

         ...."the logo is the property of Emaar properties PJSC and is legally protected...."

    It goes on to state, ...."to avoid legal liability please ensure that you immediately cease using the logo of Emaar and withdraw all items bearing the said logo."

    In an email to Emaar on that same day, city attorney Marcus Norris asked for permission to use the now scrapped logo.

    Norris makes his case noting the differences in the two logos such as the coloring, the slogan "Open Spaces -- Endless Opportunities", and the fact Amarillo is small humble municipality.

    Emaar acknowleded receipt of the email.  But that's it.

    The last email dated Friday November 22, 2013, Norris informed Emaar the city would no longer seek permission to use it.  Something we've known since Tuesday when one of the city council members confirmed the city would seek another logo to use.

    Meantime, the merchandise purchased with the logo on it remains locked up in the basement at city hall.  Officials are not sure what they'll do with them.

    So far, the city has spent about $38,000 on the logo.  $26,000 for the rollout and another $12,000 on the merchandise.
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