City Looking for New New Logo

City Looking for New New Logo

Plans to Piggy-back the Globe News' Contest in their Search for New Logo
AMARILLO -- Amarillo's controversial new logo will not be used.

        Instead, the city plans to use the Globe News contest to find a new one.

        Council members say the logo unveiled earlier this month is tainted because of the controversy and the city plans to go in a different direction.

        The official city stance on the controversial logo that'll no longer be used is that it is an original despite the overwhelming similarities to one already trademarked by a Dubai real estate company.

        In fact, the city attorney says they suspended using the new logo at the request of the Dubai company.

        Meanwhile, the city invited Globe News publisher Les Simpson to their weekly work session to discuss the possibility of using the paper's contest to help find a new one.

        The paper plans to hold two rounds of online voting, then present three finalists to the city by December 10.

        Councilwoman Ellen Robertson Green says the city will have the final say.  "It will be judged by a panel of WT and AC graphic arts professors so we'll be able to have a logo that is usable on screen, on print or on a t-shirt."  Robertson Green said.

        Councilwoman green admits the city made a mistake in greenlighting the controversial logo.

        City attorney Marcus Norris says it won't happen again.
        He says the vetting process for any new logo presented to the city will be done through his office rather than the process it went through initially.

        The newspaper is paying the winner of it's contest $500 but a local business owner has added another $1,000 to the pot.

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