City Logo Looks Familiar

City Logo Looks Familiar

City Leaders Taking Heat for New City Logo that Looks a Lot Like One Belonging to a Middle Eastern Business
AMARILLO -- As Amarillo celebrates the 100th anniversary of the city charter there's some controversy over the new logo unveiled Saturday night.
        It looks like one that's already been trademarked.

        Amarillo's new logo placed right next to EMAAR's shows the striking similarities.  They look almost exactly the same with the exception of the coloring and the letters.

        A marketing company working for the city says it came up with the slogan but, the artwork was done by someone in-house at the city.

        City spokesperson Sonja Gross was part of the process.  She says it was just a coincidence that the two look the same.

        "Even though we researched it before releasing it to the public, it was brought to our attention unfortunately after the fact that it bares a strong resemblence to an overseas company and so we're looking into the matter." Gross said.  When asked if the city plans to stay with the logo, Gross said, "That's the plan."

        Gross says they have reached out to the company about the logo.  But, have not heard back from them yet.

        We did check with the U.S. trademark and patent office and the logo is registered.  It was published in 2006.
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