Carthel's Options

Carthel's Options

Don Carthel has few legal options concerning his firing. His attorney, former WTAMU football coach turned attorney Bill Kelly says a lawsuit would not be productive.
CANYON -- Supporters of former West Texas A&M football coach Don Carthel and some boosters want to know if there's any legal recourse the he can take.
        Right now, it appears there's not much he can do.

        Carthel and his attorney, Bill Kelly,  believe it's a vendetta being carried out by the athletic director.

        Carthel did not have a contract with WT and was considered an "at-will" employee.  So, his hiring or firing can be done for almost any reason.

        Kelly, who's also a former WT coach, says firing a coach of Carthel's caliber doesn't make sense.

        Kelly says the relationship between his client and the athletic director had been strained and unhealthy for five or six years.

        He believes A.D. Michael McBroom was looking for a reason to fire Carthel and is using this to do it.

        Despite this, Kelly says there's not much he can do as far as suing.

        Kelly says Carthel and the school are talking about a possible severance package.

        The university released a statement following Carthel's press conference.  It reads in part: 

                "Providing false information and pressuring students to provide false information when asked about pertinent details of a possible NCAA violation is both poor judgment for a coach and a poor example for our student-athletes.

                 As a result, the university made a decision to relieve coach Carthel of his coaching duties yesterday and we stand by this decision."

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