Canyon Schools Teaching Controversial Sex Ed

Canyon Schools Teaching Controversial Sex Ed

Parents concerned over language comparing having sex to being a piece of chewed gum.
CANYON -- The Canyon Independent School District (CISD) is coming under fire for its abstinence-based sexual education classes being taught to sixth graders.

    At issue is a section of the curriculum that compares a person who has had sex to a chewed-up piece of gum.

    Kidnapping and sexual assault survivor Elizabeth Smart said that analogy was part of the reason she found it difficult to break away from her captors.

    That's why some CISD parents are concerned about this being taught to children.

    The CISD sex ed curriculum is based on the "Reality Check" program which encourages kids to withhold sex until marriage.

    A CISD parent was shocked to find this statement in the curriculum which states, "People want to marry a virgin, just like they want a virgin toothbrush or stick of gum".

    The school district says the toothbrush/chewing gum analogy is part of the section on spreading germs and sexually transmitted diseases.  But, West Texas A&M University associate professor for communication Dr. Kristina Drumheller says that doesn't change the message it's sending.

     "It suggests if you do have sex, you make that choice.  That you're less valuable.  Nobody will want you and like a stick of gum or used toothbrush you might as well be thrown out.   And that's not the message we want to send even in abstinence only education."  Dr. Drumheller said.

     Dr. Drumheller says there are better ways to teach abstinence only without devaluing the student over the choices they make.

     Dr. Drumheller home schools her child and therefore doesn't have to worry about this being taught to her child.

     It was brought to her attention by a friend whose child does attend CISD schools but, wanted to remain anonymous.

     A school district representative would not speak on camera but, did say the section referencing the toothbrush/gum analogy will be removed from the curriculum.

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