Built for Space

Built for Space

University of Dakota shows off new spacesuit built for astronauts headed to Mars.
(KVLY) University of North Dakota student researchers are now working on developing equipment that's out of this world.

It's all part of an effort by the space studies program to one day play a role in the exploration of other planets.

Tiffany Swarmer just took part in a friendly competition with other researchers around the world, who are trying to develop the equipment that will take mankind to mars and beyond. 

Part of that equipment is this spacesuit being developed at U.N.D.

 It's more flexible and can support life for much longer than earlier suits. 

It was just was just demonstrated to other researchers around the globe, via video conference.

"That's the hope. The hope is that one day, we'll all be able to collaborate and the best from what everybody can produce will create the next generation of space travelers," said Swarmer.

U.N.D.  researchers are also developing vehicles and living quarters that could be used on other planets. 

"We're trying to develop systems that will be useful, whenever the next human missions to planets are organized. We have one of the few laboratories in the world, where this kind of research is taking place," said Pablo de Leon of U.N.D. Space Studies.

It's research conducted in North Dakota that could one day help in explorations far beyond our planet and what we call home.

Most space researchers now agree that any future, long range missions will be a collaboration between countries because of the expense.
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