It's Buffalo Battle Time!

It's Buffalo Battle Time!

Many came to River Breaks Ranch to get dirty, for a good cause.

Many people accepted a challenge crawling, running, jumping, climbing, and wallowing through mud.

They came to River Breaks Ranch to party, race, and get dirty.

"It was challenging for me.

"Climbing, trail running, hills, obstacles, mud."

"The coarse was absolutely tough, but it was fantastic."

The 2nd annual Buffalo Battle had food, drinks, a costume contest, and many other obstacles.

The battle wasn't just to dress up or play in the mud though.  It was to raise money and bring people together.

Sgt. Sean Baldwin says, "we have a couple different services, Army and Marine Corp working together as a team, and we're also sponsoring Amarillo Leadership which is a great program.  It's just about fostering that community spirit  and having everybody work together as one team. "

It was a busy day for the military men and women, and their help and participation didn't go unrecognized.

Race Organizer Mike Greer says, "mainly they volunteer to help us set up the equipment.  They loan some of their equipment to us as sponsorship, but they're also doing the course themselves."

If racing through obstacles and dressing up aren't your thing, there was also music.

Everyone we talked to today say the race was a blast, but being able to help the Amarillo and Canyon Leadership Program is why they dove in the dirt.

Board member of the leadership program Ed Dowdy says, "we just show them around the community.  They get to hear leaders from around the community talk to them and give them advice, and help them grow their leadership skills."

Dowdy says the community's support this year has been outstanding.

As far as the service men and women, something tells us this won't be their last time being a part of the Buffalo Battle.

"It was a great event. we loved it.  and we look forward to next year."

Just because the race finished, didn't mean the festivities stopped.

The drinks were still flowing, and after a short break, the bands hit the stage again.

The race after party also had an official event photo company taking photos of everyone.

This is the second year for the Buffalo Battle.

Last year it was at Thompson Park.

Many 5k participants say last year was fun, but this year was more of a "Panhandle" obstacle course.
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