Budget Breakthrough?

Budget Breakthrough?

House begins debate on two-year bipartisan budget deal.
(NBC News) The budget battle that has been brewing for months could be closer to an end. 

Right now, House lawmakers are getting ready to vote on the bipartisan budget deal.

But conservatives are divided, threatening to pull away from Speaker John Boehner and vote against the plan. 

It's a plan that would make sure the country avoids a government shutdown for at least the next two years.  

The deal seems sure to pass but with neither side totally happy the bill is all about compromise.

"This is the first time in long time have had genuine compromise," said republican Congressman Tom Cole of Oklahoma. 

The two year plan is a joint-effort between House Budget Chair Paul Ryan and Senate Budget Chair Patty Murray.

We both had to give and take, we found common ground," declared Ryan.  

The agreement doesn't go as far. It is a compromise, said Murray. 

Democrats complain the bill doesn't include the extension of jobless benefits.

"For 1.3 million Americans unemployment runs out three days after Christmas," said democratic Congressman Chris Van Hollen of Maryland

Meanwhile some republicans say it simply spends too much.

"I think we're on a trajectory right now where we will fiscally collapse," said Congressman Robert Pittenger of North Carolina. 

Today House Speaker Boehner blasted conservatives and tea party republicans who are pushing back against his support for the compromise.  

"Why conservatives wouldn't vote for this is or criticize the bill is beyond any recognition I can come up with," said Speaker Boehner.
The plan restores some cuts made by the sequester including those to school aid, border security and the military. 

"This is an important signal to our partners and our allies around the world," said Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.  

The bipartisan proposal finds savings by raising airport security fees and curbing some federal pensions.

All total a reduction in the deficit by up to 23 billion dollars.
If the measure passes the house the budget deal will head to the Senate.
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