Brain Pain Relieved

Brain Pain Relieved

Migraine suffers find relief in nerve numbing procedure.
(KPLC) For as long as she can remember, 20-year-old Karlee Howard has had migraines. "It was like a stabbing, dull, 

all the time aching pain in the back of my head that would never go away," she said.

By 7th grade, Karlee was finally diagnosed with a birth defect called "chiari malformation," a condition where her 

brain could not fit inside her skull. "It could to the point that I couldn't walk, I couldn't talk, I couldn't feed 

myself," she said. "I learned sign language to communicate with my mother."

Karlee had a piece of her skull cut out and a mesh patch put in the back of her skull to relieve the pressure. Her 

condition improved, but not the migraines. "Nobody could figure out what to do," she said, "nobody could really help me."

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