Biking and Hiking Made Easy

Biking and Hiking Made Easy

There's a place to bike and hike for free in Canyon.
People in Canyon requested they have a place to safely hike and bike, and the city is working on it.

A large vacant piece of land is now Canyon Trails at Buffalo Hill, and it all started with a simple question.

Parks and Recreation Director Brian Noel says, "well, we had a group of people come to us and ask if htis property was available for a mountain bike trail because there's really not a lot of places in this area to ride bikes. "

Noel says when they brought the idea to the city manager, he was all in.

Randy Criswell says, "well, we thought if we could put a little something in that people might, maybe with just a little bit of time, maybe just had a couple of hours could go ride their bike.  But it wouldn't be an all day thing for them.  Maybe go ride in the evening or hike in the evening."

The trail is 50 acres of land.

Criswell says, "we were able to devise a lay out that's over six miles."

He tells us the community has been hard at work.

Many people, including WT students have been helping out.

Also, the same folks that mark and make the trails at Palo Duro Canyon have done the same at Canyon Trails.

Officials say it's a chance to walk, jog, hike, walk your dog, and bike close to home, and for free.

But there are some rules.

Criswell says, "there's no motorcycles, no four wheelers, no motorized vehicles of any kind. You can go out there and hike it, jog it, or ride a bicycle."

Both Noel and Criswell say the new trail is a great example of the partnership between the city and the citizens.

Noel says, "everybody's ecstatic about it.  We can actually ride our bikes from canyon out here, ride the trails, and then ride back home."

The project is expected to be complete by the first week of December.

He tells us come spring, they plan to plant more grass,among several other things.

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