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Bear Gets "Take-Out"

Caught on camera: Dumpster-diving bear steal from Colorado restaurant, comes back for seconds.
(KUSA) What some might call a dumpster diver, Dieter Schnakenberg calls a dumpster driver. What else would you call it when a six-foot tall bear wheels away the 500-pound dumpster you left behind your restaurant?

"He just grabbed right onto it," said Edelweiss Restaurant's manager on Thursday. "There's just something about a bear taking a trash Dumpster away."

Twice in the last week, a large bear has walked to the back of the well-known German restaurant in search of authentic German food. Both times the scoundrel has been caught on the restaurants new security system. 

"We've only had [the system] for a few weeks now," Schnakenberg said. 

The family-run business had recently been the target of some graffiti and Schnakenberg bought it in order to prevent humans from doing any more damage. 

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